A consistent and reliable supply of fuel to your engine is of the utmost importance, particularly in a high performance vehicle. If the engine doesn’t receive the correct amount of fuel you can’t extract maximum performance. Inconsistent fuel flow can cause issues for an engine that is tuned for maximum output by jeopardizing the air/fuel mixture, or requiring extra time chasing down intermittent performance problems related to an inadequate fuel supply. By utilizing a proven fuel pump from TI Automotive you can ensure proper fuel flow under any conditions from street to track.

TI Automotive’s award-winning fuel pump technology includes brushed and brushless motors, along with gasoline and E85 flex-fuel compatible options. Pumps are available as in-tank or in-line, for dozens of direct fit as well as custom high-performance applications.

Features & Benefits:

Fuel pump technology built to exceed OE specifications
High flow rates available (up to 550+ LPH)
High pressure performance (up to 112 psi) with minimal flow loss
Superior hot fuel handling performance

Award-Winning In-Tank Technology Featuring:

E85 in-tank models with pumping components validated to OEM specs
39/50 Dual Channel Single Stage (DCSS) pump motor technology to prevent cavitation
GSS line features the popular 255 LPH pump



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