Fuel pumps or modules rarely fail as they are well-engineered and manufactured to high standards. However, outside influences can cause a fuel pump to not perform as designed or stop working entirely. The only way to ensure a like-new repair is to replace it with an aftermarket pump that matches the specifications the auto maker required for the original equipment fuel pump, or if you’re looking to upgrade your vehicle’s horsepower and performance, to install a well-known high-performance brand.

TI Automotive aftermarket replacement fuel pumps and replacement modules are fully validated to factory new specifications. They undergo rigorous testing for both durability and performance to ensure proper function and long-life performance. TI Automotive’s high-performance pumps also go through the same stringent performance and testing standards.

A primary cause of fuel pump failure is bad or contaminated fuel. Impurities in the gas tank can cause the fuel pump to work harder than normal to move the fuel to the engine. Fuel delivery systems have a filter to keep contaminants from reaching the engine. If the filter isn’t replaced per the manufacturer’s schedule, it can restrict the flow and force the pump to wear prematurely.

Another tip is to refuel at or before the gauge reads one-quarter tank. Low fuel levels in the tank increase the possibility of dirty fuel and contaminants being drawn through the fuel pump, causing increased wear.

If you do run out of gas, the fuel pump is left trying to pump fuel that isn’t there, and operating on only air will damage the fuel pump.

Word to the wise; if you need to replace a fuel pump, don’t try to save a few bucks by purchasing an inferior less expensive pump or module from an unknown brand or unknown supplier. Doing so will likely cost you more money in the long run. Stick with with known high-quality brands to deliver the performance and durability you need.

A less expensive replacement or high-performance fuel pump can also be a safety hazard if it doesn’t perform well or stops functioning out on the road. TI Automotive is an OE supplier and understands the requirements for strong performance and durability. Off-brand fuel pump manufacturers, if they are the manufacturer or just sourcing it at a low cost from an overseas producer, likely do not have access to these standards.

Most modern day fuel pumps are located inside the fuel tank which often requires removing the gas tank from the vehicle to replace the fuel pump. Even if the fuel is run low or is siphoned out, there will likely be gas left in the tank. Replacing or upgrading a fuel pump can be a do-it-yourself project for someone skilled, though it does have many challenges and safety concerns (refer to instruction sheet in the box for installation assistance and safety guidelines). If you decide to replace or upgrade your own fuel pump and there is no shop warranty on the repair it is even more important to purchase a high-quality pump.

If you are having the replacement or upgrade done professionally, make sure you demand a high-quality fuel pump or module from a trusted brand. There is an old adage that states “you get what you pay for.” If you cut corners doing vehicle repairs, you will likely regret the decision in the long run.



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