Auburn Hills, Mich. – Nov. 18, 2020 – TI Automotive, a leading manufacturer of award-winning fuel pumps and modules for performance enthusiasts, has launched its revolutionary “Pick Your Horsepower” digital search tool on the company’s aftermarket website.

Replacing the traditional method of manually searching for the right high-performance fuel pump, the interactive “Pick Your Horsepower” tool provides a dynamic digital catalog to search for universal fuel pump options for a custom build. Users can find the right high-performance fuel pumps and pump kits based on relevant product specifications like horsepower, flow rate, maximum pressure and fuel type.

“This tool is unlike anything available for the automotive aftermarket today,” said Brian Altenberger, aftermarket business director, Americas. “Up until now, universal pumps could only be cataloged by categories such as in-tank or in-line, but now TI Automotive has developed a new digital tool that allows users to customize their search of all of our universal high performance fuel pumps, and quickly find the fuel pump or fuel pump kit that best suits their custom build. This “Pick Your Horsepower” tool makes the search much easier for an enthusiast or even a counterperson at a speed shop.”

The “Pick Your Horsepower Tool” condenses over 55 universal in-tank and in-line, single and dual fuel pumps and kits into one, easy-to-use interface, producing the right fuel pump or fuel pump kit every time, based on a user’s search criteria.

To use the tool or learn more about TI Automotive, visit