• Company unveiled a new family of 350 lph high-performance in-tank 39mm fuel pumps that support 600 plus HP
  • Featuring new brushless in-tank fuel pump kit – BKS1000 – capable of supporting up to 1000 HP
  • TI Automotive is also displaying the new F90000285 39/50 fuel pump that can support 700 plus HP applications with a supercharger


Auburn Hills, Mich. – Dec. 7, 2018 – TI Automotive, a leading manufacturer of award-winning fuel pumps for performance enthusiasts, launched its new high-performance fuel system products at booth #2960 at the 31st Annual Performance Racing Industry (PRI) Trade Show in Indianapolis, Dec. 6-8, 2018.

The company unveiled at PRI a new family of 350 lph high-performance in-tank 39MM fuel pumps that support 600 plus HP applications and are rated at 40 PSI 13.5 volts. TI Automotive’s GSS350G3, GSS351G3, and GSS352G3 contain the same proven, robust gerotor technology that is inside every 39mm straight wall-designed GSS pump. As one of the highest flowing pumps on the market, these new pumps are ideal for forced induction (turbocharged, supercharged) applications. The three different versions of the 350 lph pumps are similar to TI Automotive’s 255 lph pumps (GSS340G3, GSS341G3 and GSS342G3).

A new brushless in-tank fuel pump kit, BKS1000, was also unveiled at the PRI Show. Capable of supporting up to 1000 HP, the kit includes TI Automotive’s in-tank brushless screw pump and a stand-alone pump controller with simple power and ground connectivity designed to provide optimal output of the in-tank screw pump. Included in the kit are an inlet filter, wiring harness, instruction sheet, and wiring diagram to assist with user installation. The BKS1000 kit has been designed, manufactured and tested to strict engineering standards and is targeted for release in early 2019.

TI Automotive also displayed the F90000285 39/50 fuel pump that the company boosts as the “highest output in-tank fuel pump on the market.” The pump can support 700 plus HP applications with a supercharger and is able to deliver maximum pressure with superior fuel flow. The pump will work in both gas and E85 vehicles and it comes with a check valve to avoid system leak-down and extended cranking at startup. The pump’s innovative design provides improved hot fuel flow, as well as minimal noise to increase efficiency by 20 percent over conventional pumps to deliver unparalleled performance.

Also, among newer products from TI Automotive that are on display at PRI, are new drop-in high-performance fuel pump modules TU2037HP (MY11-14) and TU2038HP (MY15-16) that are engineered specifically for the newest generation (V, VI) Ford Mustangs. The pumps utilize the company’s award winning DCSS (Dual Channel Single Stage) fuel pump technology and active fill system. This enables up to 650HP on naturally aspirated applications. These Mustang modules are E85 flex fuel compatible, providing high-pressure, high flow performance.

TI Automotive manufactures a complete line of fuel pumps, accessories, pump kits and fuel modules for the high-performance aftermarket. Approximately two-thirds of the vehicles produced around the world feature TI Automotive’s products and technology. TI Automotive’s award-winning fuel delivery system technology is featured on some of the world’s highest performing production vehicles and supercars.

For decades, Walbro automotive fuel pumps have been manufactured by TI Automotive. These same pumps are now branded with the TI Automotive name, carrying a legacy of more than 60 years of manufacturing the most popular drop-in fuel pumps, with the same performance, quality and reliability that enthusiasts have come to know and respect.