Auburn Hills, Mich. (September 2, 2015) — TI Automotive, a leading global supplier of fluid storage, carrying and delivery technology, manufactures a complete line of fuel pumps that work well with high octane fuel most commonly used in race vehicles. These high octane mixtures contain more oxygen than is allowed for fuels used at the gas pump and are only legal to use at the race track or for off-road racing.

“There’s been a lot of discussion lately about high octane fuel, and we simply want to let the race community know that our high performance pumps can handle the delivery of high octane fuel to the engine,” explained Carl Hockman, category manager, TI Automotive. “Our pumps are very adaptable to different fuel types in usage. Should the fuel contain ethanol then we have the perfect solution with our E85 flex fuel pump.”

Two TI Automotive E85 high-performance in tank fuel pumps (models no. F90000267 and F90000274) are designed for engines with more than 500 HP. “Our pumps can carry ethanol fuel at high loads without causing damage. It outperforms all current in-tank fuel pumps on the market.”